Crushed under Imposition and Respectability Face Loss: A Look at Rapport Management in Monji dar Sobh-e-Namnak

Document Type : Original Article


Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities and Foreign Languages, University of Payam-e-Noor, Tehran, Iran.



This article focuses on how Shaygan and Dr. Talaee manage their rapport orientations in three interactional goals in Monji based on Spencer-Oatey’s model (2008), consisted of three interrelated elements (face sensitivities, interactional wants and behavioral expectations). Threatening or supporting each of which leads to rapport enhancement, maintenance, neglect and challenge. It is hypothesized getting involved in a transactional goal is a threat to rapport and insistence on getting one’s goals achieved further imbalances rapport and orients it toward neglect and challenge; it may lead to unpleasant consequences. The research intends to answer (1) how Shaygan and Talaee manage their rapport in their transactional interactions? (2) How are the interactional goals settled in the end for the two characters? The findings show both characters threaten each other’s sociality rights and sometimes attack each other’s face and set their rapport toward challenge. Left bereft of his identity and sociality rights, felt tenser when he himself attacked them, Shaygan committed suicide. Analysis of face and rapport management among people who are in contact with each other in long-term relationships and how face unfolds under those conditions in pragmatics is a road less traveled by and this research is a step in this path.


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