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Critical Literary Studies
Vol. V, No. 2, Serial Number 10, Spring and Summer 2023

Twinning Literature and Anthropology: A Proposed Theoretical Framework for Litero-Anthropological Research via “Exemplary Person”, “Value Formation” and “The Good Life”
Fatemeh Khajavian; Azra Ghandeharion; Roland Hardenberg 1-27

Eco-critical Praxis: Unravelling and Recuperating Eco-trauma in Leslie Marmon Silko’s Gardens in the Dunes
Shokofeh Zorriyeh Habib; Leila Baradaran Jamili 29-44

Mankind’s Relationship with the Environment in Jeff VanderMeer’s Annihilation
Hossein Mohseni 45-62

A Study of Radicalism in Hare’s Fanshen and Foucault’s Dynamics of Power: Irrationalism and the Absence of Possibilities
Siamak Shahabi; Bahee Hadaegh 63-83

Dialectics of Space and Place in the Australian Novels, Indelible Ink and Five Bells
Farnaz Fatahi Vanani; Jalal Sokhanvar 85-101

John Barth’s “Menelaiad” and Quantum Mechanics: The Sacrifice of Common Sense
Ali Emamipour; Farideh Pourgiv 103-117

Thermodynamics: Entropy and Violation in George Martin’s A Game of Thrones
Atieh Momenzadeh; Bahman Zarrinjooee 119-134

The Racial Myth of the Black Violence: A Žižekian Study of Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye, Sula, and Beloved
Afshin Mosalla Nejad; Hassan Shahabi; Shahram Raeisi Sistani 135-148

Tess’s Language and Her Victimization: Speech Act Theory in Tess of the d'Urbervilles
Fatemeh Azizmohammadi 149-167

Personality Traits and Translation: The Effect of Introvert and Extrovert Personality Types on Translation Quality of Political and Journalistic Texts
Hefaze Raees Yazdi; Azar Bagheri Masoudzade 169-182

The Effect of Reading and Teaching Literary Texts on the Vocabulary Range and Composition Length Development: A Case Study of Intermediate EFL Learners
Esmail Zainodiny Mofrad; Seyedsajad Hosseini 183-194
Implicit ELT Policies Embedded in the Professional Practices of Selected Private Language Publishers and Institutes in Iran
Hanieh Divanbegi; Leila Tajik; Seyyed Abdolhamid Mirhosseini 195-219

Abstracts in Persian, 221-232