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Critical Literary Studies
Vol. VI, No. 1, Serial Number 11, Autumn and Winter 2023-2024
The Nomadic Distribution in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando: A Deleuzian Reading
Seyyed Mohammad Marandi; Zohre Ramin; Fatima Sadat Yahyapoor 1-18

Narrative of Obsession: Manipulated Identities, Labyrinthine Emotions in Iris Murdoch’s A Word Child
Nazila Herischian; Seyed Majid Alavi Shooshtari; Naser Motallebzadeh 19-40

A Narratological Analysis of the Strategic Affective Enlistment in Hardy’s Major Wessex Novels
Saeid Behnoud; Negar Sharif; Zahra Bordbari 41-63

Beyond the Chilly Chariots: A Contemplation of Nothingness in Wallace Stevens’s Harmonium
Elias Naqipour; Ali Taghizadeh; Pedram Lalbakhsh 65-84

Trauma and Treatment in Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects through Judith Herman’s Theories
Mehrgan Rezaeian; Behzad Pourgharib; Abdolbaghi Rezaei Talarposhti 85-100

Cyborgian Virtual: Hybrid Subjectivity in William Gibson’s The Peripheral
Najaf Ali Babazadeh; Razieh Eslamieh; Ayoob Dabiri 101-119

Revisiting Foucauldian Discourse Analysis Approach: Surveillance and Individuality in Tom Wolfe’s The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
Iraj Soleymanjahan; Hiwa Weisi 121-136

Domestic Violence in Allende's Violeta
Vida Rahiminazhad; Haider K. AL-Mosawi  137-157

Re-reading the Position of Women in Islamic-Iranian Mystical Texts (With Reference to Attar and Rumi’s Works)
Najmeddin Jabbari 159-178

Representation of Duty as an Object of Manipulation in The Bone Clocks and The Buried Giant
Hamideh Vesalifallah; Roya Yaghoubi 179-193

Communicative Ethics as the Aura of Post-Postmodern Morality: A Study of Amy M. Homes’ This Book Will Save Your Life and Philip Roth’s Everyman
Fatemeh Esmaeili; Narges Montakhabi Bakhtvar; Farid Parvaneh 195-209

The Motivational Self-System of Learners of Kurdish as a Heritage Language: A Mixed-Methods Study
Mohammad Aliakbari; Golchin Amani 211-236

Abstracts in Persian 237-248